300 TR-Round CT

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Delta's Round bottle shape or Square cooling towers make a big difference, wherever they are installed. They don’t merely cool the re-circulating water; they do so with maximum efficiency, low noise level and reduced water loss. With stronger components, lighter weight materials and leak proof construction, Delta Cooling Towers are considered to be the most durable and dependable cooling towers in the Indian industry.

Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. was promoted in 1993 by a team of professionals with huge experience in the field of cooling towers. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of FRP Induced draft cooling towers, having supplied more than 10000 cooling towers. The company manufactures all the products using high quality raw material, components and spare parts; which ensure reliability and high performance. All the products are designed in accordance with Indian and International standards. Delta Cooling Towers are widely used for different applications in various industries, buildings or institutions. Due to the ethical business policies, strategies, timely delivery, competitive prices and customisation of cooling towers enable the company to maintain friendly relations with the clients.

All Delta cooling towers operate on the principle of counter flow mechanism, which have several critical advantages over other cooling towers. It encounters the more uniform temperature contrast between air and water. At one point in the cooling tower, the coldest water contacts the hottest and driest air, where it achieves the largest possible temperature difference.


  • High strength FRP casing and basin
  • Induced draft counter flow design
  • Tough and Light weight
  • Aesthetic and advanced design
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable and leak proof
  • Hot dip galvanized structure and internal parts for abrasion resistance
  • Ranging from 5 TR to 600 TR in single cell
  • Axial flow fan with adjustable angle to enhance the air draft at less power
  • Special weather proof extended shaft flange mounted motor designed for tropical conditions.

300 TR-Round CT

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