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Electric Convection Oven - P664ER

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Rs. 215000
  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Stainless steel trays support
  • Halogen inner light chamber
  • Double glass for easy cleaning
  • Chamber inner light and door inner light
  • Professional bidirectional opening handle
  • Ideal for Indian Veg and Non-veg dishes.
  • Expert in baked delights.
  • Lip smacking desserts in minutes.
  • Effortless cooking of complex dishes.
  • Wholesome Gastronomical experience.
  • Hands down expert in Italian, Continental cuisines.
  • Hygienic, low on maintenance.
  • Ideal for small restaurants, hotels, front/display cooking.

Oven Specifications:-

Trays 6x(600x400) nr
Pitch between trays 75 mm
External dimensions(L-W-H) 974x953x852mm
Weight N/A
Heater N/A
Power N/A>
Power N/A
Motors N/A