Paver Blocks Making Machine

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Karmyog Hi-Tech Machineries also have mastery in making   Paver Making Machine. Block Paving also known as Brick Paving is a   decorative method of creating a pavement and is widely used in today's   sceneries. The main advantage of Paver Block is the individual Block can   be later lifted and replaced to other places without leaving any mark   on the floor. Also this can be manufactured in various shapes and   colours to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Paver Block Making Machine will be same as Fly Ash Bricks Making   Machine. Karmyog Hi-Tech Machineries provide many solutions in one   machine. Paver Blocks can be manufactured in the same Fly Ash Bricks Machine, the major change will be in mould and colour mixer if a   customers requires paver with face. Karmyog provide you with a customise solution in Paver Block Making Machine, a customer have flexibility to   select the paver type and size required by them. The main thing which will change in this machine is the quantity of outcome.

Technical Specifications:

  • Production Capacity: 3840 Pavers to 28,800 Pavers in 8 Hours a Day.
  • Mould Size: As per your requirement.
  • Suggested Type: Bricks, Oxford, Square, Zigzag, I -Dumble, Basil, Milano, Hexagone. or as per your requirement.
  • Machine Model: 4KVT to 21KVT.
  • Tonnage of Hydraulic Pressure Range: 40 ton to 230 ton with vibrator.

Paver Blocks Making Machine

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