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Combined bearing

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KAVITSU combined bearings are suitable for forklifts and are designed as per the technical requirements of the fork lift and mast manufacturers. Similarly these are also suitable for linear motion in other equipments.

The design incorporated in KAVITSU combined bearings gives the best resolution of the external load into its components. The complete sharing of the radial and axial load is allowed with design of the bearing. It is a combination of main bearing and axial bearing which takes the radial and axial load well in proportion. With this, the linear motion is smooth and there is no sliding friction. This leads to low wear and tear of supports / channels and saves power as well. Vibration level is reduced, which in turn decreases the noise level.

This system allows the extended life for bearing and the profile, as it minimizes the specific pressure value between bearing and the beam.

Assembly of bearing is very simple. A plate or a shaft can be directly welded on soft axle of bearing and the welded bearing can be inserted in the beam which is then ready for use.

All rolling components are manufactured from alloy steel with proper heat treatment keeping hardness as per standard bearings (60 HRC). The bearing is a combination of inner race, outer race, centre pin, welding bolt and radial ring.

The bearing is filled with lifelong lubricating grease and has a rubber sealing to avoid leakage and to protect it from dust and other foreign particle. Special greasing arrangement is done for applications where environmental conditions are extreme.

The bearings are manufactured in LIGHT series and HEAVY series.

Light series bearings comprise of outer diameters from 52 mms to 150 mm and are suitable for use in the channels or I sections accordingly. For heavy duty applications heavy channels or I sections are used and the sizes involved are from 165 to 309 mm as outer diameters.

The main application are in pallet stackers, pallet lifter, telescopic fork, lift masts, tool changer system for heavy moulds for plastic molding machine, tool changing systems for various dies, lifts systems, eccentric lifting tables, robot tracks, multi axis units, heavy load linear systems, pallet in feeding station, fast picks.