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Water treatment plant gearbox

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They say, water is precious. But looking at the current scenario, it is essential to save every drop of water, or better, re-utilize it. Industries have to pay heavy amounts of money if they are to take the water from lakes and rivers. But, if they have the facilities to re-treat the used water, it helps them conserve the natural resources as well as their costs. The equipment where the waste water or sewage is treated is called a clarifier. Planetary gear system is one of the advanced technologies available for industrial power transmission as of today. Major advantage is their compactness as compared to the conventional systems when it comes to usage in a Clarifier. Some of the advantages can be noted below:

  1. They have high power density
  2. Due to the higher power density as compared to conventional systems, they are compact
  3. They are highly efficient when it comes to power transmission. Around 95% efficiency can be achieved using these type of gear drives.
  4. They provide greater stability
  5. Load is distributed evenly among the planetary gears.