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40amp Phase Sequence Corrector

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Rs. 10000

This instrument is very useful in the case of phase sequence i.e. R-Y-B change its sequence. The scanner of A/C will switch off the machine. This instrument in shape of small panel, change the incorrect sequence in to correct with immediate dffect automatically. thus results in continues operaion of A/C. This can be mounted with mains to A/cl

Power Scanner cum phase Seqence Correwctor : Ths panel which does bothh the function of scanner and phase sequence Correctors : It is useful whee there is no Scanner in the three phase A/C.
Optional Double Scanner:

Maestro Phase Sequence Correctors come with optional multiple features. These equipments can be fitted with double multiple Maestro Scanners which provides the equipments with the following protections:

  • Reverse Phasing Protection
  • Single phasing Protection
  • Under Voltage protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Neutral Leakage Indication

This Multifunction Versatile device has various applications in critical areas and is used widely across many industries.