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Reverse Osmosis Plant

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Rs. 300000

We at Marcuras carefully design the plants taking into consideration various aspects such as source of water, SDI, fouling potential, temperature, desired flux rates for specific applications, scaling potentials, hydraulic balancing, type of membranes, beta factor, LSI, pretreatment, automation etc. so that the plants run smoothly for long durations.

Reverse osmosis plants are quite exclusively constructed by installing spiral wound membranes. They work with medium-high pressure depending on the type of application (6 - 70 bar) and they are applied to separate the dissolved salts from aqueous solutions by means of semi-permeable membranes. In this case the dimension of membrane pores are very small so that the resistance to the passage of water is higher.

Our strength is designing an optimum system which can operate smoothly for longer durations. We provide Reverse Osmosis solutions for

  • Brackish Water

  • Sea Water Desalination

  • Effluent Recycle