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Rope Suspended Platform model ZLP 800

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ZLP series suspended platform, which is developed and produced by us, is ideal for building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance. It is also widely used in elevator installing, ship building and repairing, or in other areas such as big-size tank, bridge, embankment and chimney. ZLP series versatile knock-down platform provides workers safer, easier and more efficient platform access.

Standard Accessories of ZLP800 - Suspended Working Platform:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Type ZLP800
Rated Load 800 kg.
Lifting Speed 9 m/min
Max Lifting Height 100 Meter
Dimension of platform (L X W X H) (2.5m x 2 + 1m + 1.5m) X 0.76m x 1.45m
Suspension Mechanism Front beam overhang 1.3 ~ 1.7 m
Adjustable Height 1.15 ~ 1.75 m
Hoist Model LTD 8.0
Lifting force 8 KN
Motor Power 1.8 KW
Voltage 415 V, 50 HZ, 3phase
Rotation speed 1400 R/Min.
Brake Torque 15.2 Nm
Safety lock Type Tilt proof safety lock
Locking cable angel 3-8 degree
Allowable impulsive force 30 KN
Weight Suspension platform including hoist, safety lock, electric control panel. 540 kg
  Suspension mechanism 400 kg
  Counterweight 1000 kg
  Whole machine weight without steel wire rope & power cable 1940 kg
Wire rope Type 4X31SW+FC-8.6
Platform type   Hot Dip Galvanized