Safety Gas Stove

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The conventional gas stove comes with no safety features that lead to hazards of gas leakage from the burners and fire due to following reasons:

  • The flame goes off owing to wind, milk spilling or any other reason.
  • The knob is turned on and the gas is not lit mistakenly or misbehavior by a child.

The leaked gas starts accumulating in the kitchen and can get exploded by least exposure to a fire or spark.

In order to avoid this mishap, we offer a creative Gas Stove with outstanding safety features to stop above hazards.


The Gas Stove is designed with a safety valve for each burner. This safety valve is connected with a flame recognition sensor near the gas burner. Whenever the burner is turned ON and fire lit, the sensor supplies the gas to the burners.

When the flame is not lit, the sensors shut off the gas supply to the burners. This ensures complete safety by stopping the flow of gas from the safety device in case of no flame detection.

Safety Gas Stove

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