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Shaft Mounted Helical Drive

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Top gear offers a range of shaft mounted speed reducers to be used in various applications where the application demands to eliminate foundation and direct alignment. The SMSR series have got three ratios as 5:1, 13:1 & 20:1 and input offered as a solid shaft which can be connected by belt pulley supplied along with adjustable torque arm.

AD series gear boxes are offer as heavy duty & higher reduction ratios and widely used in EOT cranes & many applications including material handling, chemical industry. The motor mounted as male female couplings & torque arm provided to take care of reaction torque.

Gears used are all helical, hardened & ground.

Name SMSR Series AD Series
Power 2 Kw To 50 Kw 2 Kw To 10 Kw
Torque 300 Nm To 12000 Nm 4000 Nm To 30000 Nm
Reduction Ratio 5:1 To 20:1 60:1 To 100:1
Input Solid Shaft Hollow Input

Applications :-

  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Industrial Automation
  • Conveyor Applications