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Shaft Mounted Sugar Planetary

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Rs. 80000

Top Gear offers Rugged Planetary-Spur combination drive for sugar industry with shaft mounting feature which not only eliminates coupling foundation but gives a life time maintenance free solution to Sugar industry.

These drives are known as power saver in a sugar plants & give @ 20-70% saving in various applications.

The constructional feature combination of two or three stage planetary gear box with final stage spur combination, the output shaft is made up of hollow type construction where the shaft bore is made though hollow & allow the key way for power transmission.

The design is floating type with the support of torque arm at the bottom to take care of reaction moment.

These drives are being used in carrier application in sugar industry for cane handling, baggase handling as well as for boiling house applications like crystallizer, pug mills, magma mixers, feeder table etc.

Features :-

  • Torque Capacity : 2000 Nm to 450000 Nm
  • Ratio : 3:1 to 4000:1
  • Power : 1 Kw to 75 Kw
  • Shaft Dia : 50 mm to 350 mm

Application :-

  • Sugar Industry