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Track Drive

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Top gear has got a wide range of Traction Drives in TD series. These drives are used in Crawler application for any mobile equipments like cranes, drilling rigs, excavators and many more.

The constructional feature of this type of gear box is that it has got tapered roller bearings to take care of thrust and radial loads in addition to transmit torque. One end is fixed to the equipment frame and generally sprocket is fitted on the hub which gets connected to the crawler chain.

The transmission construction is single, double or triples stage compact planetary system. The provision for free wheeling by disconnecting the drive pinion is optional. The parking brakes supplied are multi disc spring loaded and hydraulically released.

Features :-

  • Radial Load : 10000 N to 500000 N
  • Torque : 300 Nm to 250000 Nm
  • Ratio : 5:1 to 300:1
  • Drive : Hydraulic drive with hydraulic parking brake

Applications :-

  • Mobile Machinery
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Infrastructure Industry
  • Agriculture