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The Winch drive is the product used in various material handling systems viz pick n carry mobile cranes, derrick cranes, offshore rigs, marine application, construction machines & many more.

Top Gear has a wide range of Winch drives in both options electric as well hydraulic. The constructional feature includes single stage or multistage planetary transmission where the drum is fitted at annulus or drive shaft. The drum is designed to take care of multi layers & proper rope winding as well.

The brakes are fitted externally for electric type winch and some of applications where the winch is supplied along with mechanical safety device such as hold back arrangement also. The hydraulic winch is supplied with multi disc spring loaded & hydraulically released brake.

The winches can be offered in double drum construction also as well as self locking construction with the help of worm drive.

Top Gear also supplies free fall winches for specific applications.

Features :-

  • Capacity : 2500 N to 500000 N
  • Line Speed : 0.1m/min to 50m/min
  • Rope Length : 10 M to 500 Mtr
  • Rope Dia : 8 mm to 68 mm
  • Type : Electric / Hydraulic

Applications :-

  • Mobile Machinery
  • Material Handling Equipments