Oil Skimmer

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Oil Skimmers are a floating device used to skim oil off the surface of water or liquid. Many skimmers use oil-attracting materials to help draw the oil to the system and facilitate a more complete cleanup.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model : WSOS-3
  • Capacity : 1 m3/hr
  • Skimmer MOC : SS304
  • In line strainer MOC : SS304
  • Decant Tank - HDPE

Application Suitable for – Gross oil skimming from water bodies or from effluent treatment plants, sumps, pits etc, Flame prrof system also available.

Note: Custom built system can be designed and manufactured as per Customer requirement.


The use of skimmers in industrial applications is often required to remove oils, grease and fats prior to further treatment for environmental discharge compliance. By removing the top layer of oils, water stagnation, smell and unsightly surface scum can be reduced. Placed before an oily water treatment system an oil skimmer may give greater overall oil separation efficiency for improved discharge wastewater quality. It should be noted that all oil skimmers will pick up a percentage of water with the oil which will need to be decanted to obtain concentrated oil.


Oil Skimmer

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