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Ice boy brings to you a wide range of Ice Cube Making Machines and Crushers. These machines and crushers come in different capacities. Our machines cater to restaurants, Bars, Hotels and are suitable for domestic purposes also. Our Crushers are widely acknowledged and used in houses and industries.


Ice boy Ice Cube Machines have been into manufacturing since 1991. Ice boy uses the Wave System and the Centrifugal System to provide the most beautiful Bullet shaped ice and Solid Round Ice.


With its primary focus on Ice Cube Machines and Crushers, Ice boy has always laid great emphasis on Customer Satisfaction. It is because of our valued customers that Ice boy has strived to make its targets achievable, quality better and services prompt. We always look forward to bring a positive change in our outlook and products for complete satisfaction of our consumers.


In India many people have been importing ice machines with plastic interiors, irreparable parts & later face maintenance problems. On the contrary, we manufacture good quality Ice cube machines and crushers with stainless steel in all four layers. Ice boy also provides our customers with an option of Combi Cool units that are both Air and Water cooled which provide greater output using very less water.


Our machines come with a unique OPD (Optical Production Display) system, which helps in monitoring the production of ice cubes. Our machines also run low on power and water. They have a special fully insulated Ice producing System. Ice boy Ice Machines are fully automatic with Automatic Flushing and Cleaning of system after every cycle.


Our Experience & Expertise in this field brings forth a fully automatic Ice Cube Machine that is easy, safe and economical to use. Attractively designed these machines have a host of other specialties that make our consumers happy and wanting to come back for more.