About Us

Marudhar Industries Ltd. is the only company in India wherein every process of aluminum rolling ranging from continuous strip casting to converting is done under one roof. This helps Marudhar Industries Ltd. step up, as every process is monitored and improvised ‘on-the-spot’ and ‘in-house’, giving an assurance of supreme and the best quality.

This quality consciousness being embedded in every process of the company directly augments the production values. This being not in terms of just production capacity and quality, but also in the terms of ‘Timely Delivery’ and ‘Customization’.

The synchronization of all facilities and processes under one roof has  led to optimization in the speed of production which in-turn makes fulfillment of deliveries efficient and timely. This also helps in moulding and customizing the products innovatively as per the demand of the customers.

Our research and development department constantly works on increasing production efficiency and new product development. In keeping pace with the constant innovations in the field of technology in terms of production process and product development,there has been a constant upgradation in equipments and quality control which makes us at par with global quality standards.

With two continuous strip casters, two cold rolling mills, two intermediate mills and three foil finishing mills, the company is capable of manufacturing 15,000 tpa of superior quality aluminium strips and foils in a wide range of thickness from 8 mm to 6.5 microns.

The process strength of Marudhar Industries Ltd. ranges from continuous strip casting and rolling to converting of aluminium foils making the company ‘self-reliant’ in itself. This being one it also enables us to cater to a wide spectrum of aluminium flat rolled products.

To add further value, the company also owns a flexible packaging division where the manufacturing of co-extruded polymers, flexible laminates and aluminium foil-based flexible packaging is carried out.

Customer’s edge at Marudhar

At Marudhar Industries Limited, quality and satisfaction to the stakeholders is of supreme importance. The company works with the mantra of ‘Customer is Partner’. The tag line gives out that a customer is considered at par to the company. At MIL, customers are allocated into 2 parts: Dealers and End Users.


MIL serves as a one-stop solution for a complete product range of aluminium foils. This facilitates efficient procurement of raw material, saving time, cost and energy. The products are sold via dealer network spread across all the major centres in India. Thus it has a specialised distribution network that supplies the products to the end users. This distribution network enables the company to retain a wide range of customers and strong dealer loyalty. All of MIL’s current dealers are associated with the company for about 20 years which proves strong mutual trust.

End users

For end users, the advantage lies in customised supply tailored exactly according to their requirements. Quick delivery even for uncommon sizes and highly customized products is provided by MIL within the time period of one to two weeks which is inexistent in aluminium foil industry. This aids the customers gain competitive advantage in the market.

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