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MB Life Sciences, a well established healthcare company, promotes effective quality products made through herbs and proven ancient science of Ayurveda. Our commitment to healthcare reflects in our products which we have discovered and cultivated through R&D of more than a decade. Our research and innovation team is dedicated to deliver efficacious products of the highest quality to fulfill customers’ needs through the science of nature. Our healthcare products are the result of in-depth research into Ayurvedic herbs, constant innovation and understanding of consumer needs. We combine the knowledge of ancient Indian vedic practices with a continuous implementation of new science and technology. Currently, we manufacture and market ten products which are available in many states of India. We have many more formulations under extensive research and trials. These formulations, along with our current products, are manufactured in state-of-the-art research centers located in Hyderabad, Andhara Pradesh. Rigorous quality checks are undertaken from the stage of raw material acquisition, and finished good right upto packaging before the final release of the products to you. We have a conviction of making people healthy and giving them a fulfilling lifestyle they deserve with the help of our very own nature and science. This is what we call at MB Lifesciences – Caring with Herbs™. We strive to grow through high quality and constant innovation in our products and services to become part of every home in India. In near future we plan to extend the touch of Ayurveda globally. So, look out for our efficacious healthcare products at your local pharmacy and we assure that you will come back for them. Also, please check our website for future updates.