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Dalon - Herbal Daily Body Supplement

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Brings back the ‘Good Health Factor’ with ease.

Dalon is a herbal daily health supplement which offers the goodness of 12 time tested valuable herbs to bring back ‘Good Health Factor’. Dalon builds immunity, promotes good health and wellness, boosts energy level round-the-clock, builds stamina, reduces stress and fatigue. Dalon provides anti-oxidants, prevents ageing & keeps you active and alert throughout the day.

Indications: Immuno – compromised patients, convalescence, general weakness, fatigue, stress, as a daily supplement for maintaining good health, alertness & also for building stamina.


Each 500mg capsule contains:
  Amlaki   Fr.   60 mg
  Guduchi   Wp..   50 mg
  Harida   Rz…   75 mg
  Bhumyamalaki   Wp.   25 mg
  Shatavari   .Rt.   25 mg
  Maricha   Fr.   25 mg
Approved colors used in capsule shell
  St   20 mg
  Jasad bhasma*     20 mg
  S.Makshika bhasma*   3  0 mg
  Sh.Shilajeet*     20 mg
  Kapikacchu   Sd   50 mg
  Aswagandha   Rt   100 mg
  Approved colors used in capsule shell
  Ref.: * AFI Part 1

Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day or as directed by physician

Presentation: 1 Pack of 10 capsules