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GlowOn - Herbal skin Whitening Cream

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Nurtures, Nourishes & Rejuvenates the skin

GlowOn works to show results within 15 Days as it offers – The Goodness of Almod which is a rich source of Vit. E. It reduces Dark Circle, Wrinkles, Pigmentation.

Acne, Dark Circles, Pigmentation & Blemishes, Scars & Stretch marks, Wrinkled and Damaged Skin.


  Each 2 gm contain aqueous extracts derived from:
  Badam   Fr.   500 mg
  Manjistha   St.   500 mg
  Shatapatrika   Fl.   200 mg,
  Sariva   Rt.   500 mg
  Neem   Lf.   300 mg
  Kesar   Stmn.   5 mg
  Cream base Q.S     q.s.
  Ref.: * AFI Part 1